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Elephant | Goldstone

Elephant | Goldstone

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Goldstone elephant carving. They’re all approximately 50mm.

Goldstone is artificially made by infusing copper particles or colbalt with glass in a low oxygen reducing atmosphere. It’s usually made up of Gypsum & Feldspar.

It is said that Medieval monks in Italy accidentally discovered the process for making Goldstone when attempting to forge the alchemist’s legendary philosopher’s stone.
In the process, copper shavings were accidentally knocked over into a pot of molten glass, creating the first Goldstone.

It’s also known as Aventurine glass, monk’s gold and Dell Roba, meaning charming in Italian.

Emotional: Called the stone of Ambition it’s said to help with aspirations, energy, courage, optimism, soothing and vitality.

Physical: Throat, thyroid & tonsils, inflammation, lower back, urinary track, reproductive system.

Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Element: Water

Hardness on the Mohs Scale: 5.5-6