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Tumble Stones | Cracked Quartz

Tumble Stones | Cracked Quartz

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Clear quartz, also known as Quartz or rock crystal comes as translucent or white hexagonal crystals & masses, grains and druzy clusters, sometimes with inclusions. Being cracked or crackled is the same as clear quartz, but with the added benefit of it amplifying all energies of other crystals, working in harmony with them and the user, connecting all beings as one.

A feel better stone which improves your quality of life and re-energises you.

Emotional: Helps the mind to focus, relives negativity and aids meditation.

Physical: Known to help any condition as it channels any energy. Also good for diabetes, issues with the ears, heart problems, MS, ME, spinal health, obesity and weight loss.

Chakra: All

Zodiac: All

Element: Air

Hardness on the Mohs Scale: 7