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Chip Bracelet | Green Moss Agate

Chip Bracelet | Green Moss Agate

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Chip Bracelet | Moss Agate 

About: Moss agate, also known as Mocha Stone, can be sourced world wide, but the majority is from India. The main colours being vast greens and brown, but also red, black and yellow.
Moss agate is not actually an agate at all. It's a chalcedony with dendritic inclusions of Mannganese, chrome and/or iron.
Moss is so captivating to look at, it's almost as if the impurities within are genuine moss or other foliage. When in fact they are formed from the weathering of strong volcanic rock and oxidation of the crystals inside.

Emotional: Moss agate is a gentle nurturing stone, healing us from the inside out.
It makes us deepen our connection to Mother Earth, animals, art. It allows you to be truly you, whilst appreciating the simple things, rather than feeling pressured to conform or keep up, and to deal with life's stresses.

It’s great for emotional balance, particularly if you suffer with PTSD or aggression.

Physical: Anti Inflammatory, speeds up recovery, boosts the immune system, cleanses circulatory systems, said to help with colds & flu.

Career: For midwives to lesson pain and speed up delivery.

Chakra: Heart & Root

Zodiac: Virgo

Elements: Earth

Planet: Earth

Hardness on the MOHs Scale: 7