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Rough | Red Jasper

Rough | Red Jasper

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Natural red jasper in a variety of shapes and sizes.

ABOUT: Red jasper is a variety of jasper and part of the quartz family. It’s red colour comes from iron oxide inclusions. It’s been used for centuries for healing.

FOUND: Argentina, Brazil, Australia, USA, Chile, France & Germany.

DID YOU KNOW?… Throughout history it has been used as an amulet against many things including spiders, drowning, drunkenness, nosebleeds and witchcraft!

EMOTIONAL PROPERTIES: Protection ⋅ New ideas ⋅ Astral travel ⋅ Survival instinct Dream recall ⋅ Aids rebirth ⋅ Mood balancing ⋅ Focus ⋅ Good luck ⋅ Increases sexual vibrancy ⋅ Stress relief ⋅ Yin yang balance ⋅Tranquility ⋅ Wholeness ⋅ Motivation ⋅ Connection to nature ⋅

PHYSICAL HEALING: Helps to prevents illness ⋅ Stimulates energy ⋅ Strengthens the organs ⋅ Detoxifies the liver & blood ⋅ Good for pregnancies ⋅

ZODIAC: Aries ⋅ Virgo ⋅ Scorpio


BIRTHSTONE MONTH: Not a traditional birthstone, but Jasper is a historical birthstone of March.


AFFIRMATION: I am growing stronger every day emotionally and mentally. I believe in myself. 



WORKS WELL WITH: Shungite, black moonstone, black kyanite & jet. 

PLACEMENTS: Situate in the bedroom for sexual healing and under the pillow for dream recall. For protective and grounding properties, place the stones in a bowl by the entrance to your home or in the centre of any room that attracts higher emotions.

This is a gentle but confidence building stone for children being bullied. Carry in their pockets or bags and hold when feeling worried.
Red jasper works best when worn.

CLEANING & CARE: As red jasper absorbs negative energies on your behalf, it’s a good idea to clean and charge your pieces regularly. It can be washed in water, but better if buried in soil and bring it right back to its roots.

HOW TO SPOT A FAKE: It’s uncommon that red jasper is faked as it’s so widely available and inexpensive. If in doubt however, try the scratch test ~ you won’t be able to scratch it with a knife, for example as it’s a hard stone.



HARDNESS ON THE MOHS SCALE: 6.5 - 7 (1 being softest, 10 being hardest)

(Never stop taking regular medication, always seek medical consultations from your physician. This is a guide, I am not medically trained).